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Silver Marine Brand Story

Silver Marine International Co., Ltd, headquartered in Shanghai, China, specializes in RIBs, tenders, sports boats and other inflatable boats. Established in 2002, Silver Marine found a niche in the global inflatable boat marketplace by providing well-built, yet affordable boats.

A Look Back – Silver Marine’s Entry into the Inflatable RIB Market

The timing of Silver Marine’s entry into the inflatable RIBs and boats market in early 2000 was ideal. Only a few of local Chinese boat manufactures were capable to build quality boats in the global inflatable boat market by that time. At the same time, most of the boat manufactures had abandoned the entry-level boat business in favour of high-end, high-priced boats, leaving a large void in the market. First time boat buyers such as young professionals and families were not able to find adequate, value-equipped leisure or sports boats that met their needs, yet were priced within their economic means.

Silver Marine filled this void, with over 10 years of PVC knowledge and inflatable product manufacturing experience, Mr. Frank Wang – CEO and owner of Silver Marine and its parent company, ORPC saw this tremendous potential in the inflatable boat market and started making quality but affordable boats especially for these new mariners. Silver Marine furthered its success by partnership with Lancer Industries, a noted professional boat manufacturer in New Zealand, on its boat hull design and launched the first Captain Series in 2005 and the Flagship Line – Phoenix in 2006. Silver Marine was also proud to participate in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Opening Ceremony to bring the brand name and reputation to the next level.

Today, with a strong emphasis on continuous innovation and product development, Silver Marine has grown into one of the best selling and well-known manufacturers in China by making only quality, performance and design the top priorities.

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