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Silver Marine® welcomes you to our collection of the very best in inflatables RIB and fiberglass boating. Crafted with quality, style and performance in mind, and pursuing our continuous innovation, every Silver Marine boat is designed and built to provide the optimum excitement, comfort and safety no matter where your journey takes you!

From stylish RIBs and small tenders to fibergalss boat, We believe the only way to ensure a flawless boat is to apply the best technology and top material in the industry. We use hull fiberglass and tube technology from Marine Creations and Lancer Industries in New Zealand.  With a dedication of excellence and providing satisfaction in every model we built, Silver Marine is the top choice for offering fun and memorable moments on the water.

For the coming 2013 season, we proudly introduced the Piscator FRP580, our best FRP fishing and leisure boat to the Silver Marine range. FRP 580 offers the best siaze and multi-functional design for fishing, sports or leisure purpose that fits to every market around the world.




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